About me

Raphael Di Terlizzi has been active in the Cartoon Production for over 10 years with a variety of positions like animator, storyboarder, inbetweener, layouts and editing in leading companies such as Medusa, Lanterna Magica, Rai Cartoon and so.

Since April 2001, he has created and written “Ciwiplanet – The World of colour”. The Ciwìplanet is populated by creatures called Ciwìs their character represent our ‘positive thinking, the energy and purity of the human people. The ciwìs have a very fresh and colorful style, different from any other characters. All figures in the history and the brand were regularly registered under copyrights. The working methods adopted are through various stages of processing both traditional and digital, from hand drawing and sketching in pencil to complete the work with softwares like Illustrator and Photoshop.

Excellent technical knowledge, creativity and passion that leads to a professional to explore different fields such as art, advertising, publishing, fashion and design .

Nowadays, he is an Art Director – Visual Designer – Illustrator for different product companies such as Audium Italia, AudioNova Italia, Optissimo, Olimpia Milano Basket, SeatPG, Key-One.